Dr. Luis Aznar García

Médico Adjunto de Oncología Clínica

Nottingham University Hospitals. Reino Unido.

Clinical Oncologist and SRS Lead Clinician

I am currently working as a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Nottingham University Hospitalsas Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) and Brain Metastases MDT Lead Clinician.

I also treat patients with Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR/SBRT) for Oligometastases, Hepatobilliary (HpB) tumours and breast cancer. I haveset up the East Midlands Brain Metastases MDT and SRS Service.

I have a broad experience in the field of high advanced radiotherapy treatments. My main expertise is in the area of the Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRS and SABR/SBRT), with a vast professional experience using Gammknife, Cyberknife, Magnetic Resonance Image Guided Radiotherapy (MRL) and Linac-based platforms to treat metastatic disease as well as primary tumours. I have treated with Stereotactic techniques more than 1000 patients since 2001.

I have been Head of Radiotherapy Departmentat Leicester University Hospitals for 3 years andHead of Radiotherapy and Radio surgery at Ruber International Hospital (Madrid,Spain) for 2 years.

I have been a Clinical Oncologist Consultant for more than 20 years.I have been for several years Genesis Care UK SABR Clinical Advisorand SRS Clinical Lead, settingupthe SRS Service at Oxford Genesis Care. I am Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham.

I am member of multiple National and International Oncological Societies (ESTRO, ISRS, ESMO,RCR, SEOR…).I am Editor of several International Oncological Journals.

I have published around 39papersin International Medical Journals, books and meeting presentations.

I am Investigator in several Stereotactic Radiotherapy Trials (CORE, ABC-07, OligoRare, SARON,HALT, SPARC, SCALOP 2), some of them as Principal Investigator.

In addition, I have had a successful application to Genome England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP).

I have presented dozens of abstracts in Congresses, presentations in International meetings, and attended relevant Conferences

Formal Education Experience

  • Specialist in Radiation Oncology–Distinction 1997-2001. La Princesa Hospital. Madrid. Spain.
  • PhD in Medicine–Magna Cum Laude 1996-2000 University of Alcala de Henares. Madrid, Spain.
  • Degree in Medicine 1990-1996 University of Alcala de Henares. Madrid. Spain.

Professional Experience

  • Consultant Clinical Oncologist.Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) and Brain Metastases MDT Lead Clinician. Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR/SBRT) for Oligometastases. Hepatobilliary (HpB) tumours and breast cancer. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust October 2016–Present
  • SRS UK Clinical Advisor Genesis Care Oxford, UK, October 2020–Present
  • SABRUK Clinical Advisor Genesis Care Oxford, UK, November 2018–November 2021
  • SRS UK Clinical Lead Genesis Care Oxford, UK,November2018–September2020SBRT Lead Clinician. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust September 2014–May 2017
  • Medical Head of Radiotherapy. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust November 2014–May 2017
  • Consultant Clinical Oncologist. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust November 2013–May 2017.
  • Head of Department in Radiation Oncology and Cyber knife Ruber International Hospital. Madrid. Spain July 2012–September 2013.
  • Consultant in the Radiation Oncologyand Cyberknife Department Ruber International Hospital. Madrid. Spain. Oct. 2006–June 2012.
  • Consultant in Radiation Oncology Ruber International Hospital Mar. 2002-June 2012
  • Radiation Oncologist–Senior Physician Sanitas–Moraleja Hospital. Prostate Brachytherapy Department. Madrid. Apr. 2008-Feb.2011
  • Radiation Oncologist–Senior PhysicianVirgen de La Paloma Clinic. Prostate Brachytherapy Department Mar. 2008–Apr. 2011
  • Medical Advisor Schering Espana, S.A. Madrid. Spain. Nov. 2001–Mar.2002
  • Medical Monitor of Clinical Research Wyeth Ayerst Research. Madrid. Spain. June 2001-Nov. 2001
  • Professor of Basics in Radio protection University of Alfonso X El Sabio .Madrid. Spain. Sept. 2001-June 2002
  • Intern Physician in Radiation Oncology La Princesa University Hospital. Madrid. Apr. 1997-Apr. 2001